My Best Tools


First of all, thank you for using our best tools. Even though the website focuses on Android applications in particular, we deliver solutions on a number of other platforms as well, summed up:

  • Android
  • Windows
  • OSX
  • IOS
  • Linux

As these platforms have several options for developing software, we write in C#, Java, Python, PHP and  jscript using JetBrains development tooling.


To give you an idea of which kind of solutions we provide, we'll sum up some of the developed solutions in the past.

Android Apps

Mostly focused on handy additional functionalities on Android devices, we develop tooling apps.

Tooling for smoother migrations

In combination with Altiris™ Deployment Solution (Acquired by Symantec).The deployment tooling is usable in its basic form. However, in realtime deployment situations it lacks some essential features. The additional tooling we provide features live status information on clients which are to be deployed, Wakeup On Lan, boot order configuration, etc. The tool made it possible for us to deploy 900+ clients per day, with a team of 4  people at the keyboard, and 6-10 for troubleshooting on premises.

Microsoft Active Directory tooling

Tools to enable administrators to query their AD infrastructure.

Powershell management scripting

We develop management scripts with a broad focus on administrative tasks. If you need to perform a management task more than once, automate it! That way one requires always the desired result. 'Let 10 administrators perform the same administrative task and chances are, you'll get 10 different resulting configurations'

Platform independent applications

With python as the development language in combination with Qt we create applications which run on several platforms with some very handsome user interfaces.

We hope you'll have nothing but good experiences using any of our products now or in the future!


Bluetooth Keep Awake

Qt Application

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